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Lancaster Central School District

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The Lancaster Central School District is required by State Education Law Section 3240 to conduct an annual census of all children residing within the District between birth and 18 years of age and all children with disabilities up to 21 years of age. This includes children attending parochial or private schools outside the District.  

During the summer, a census card will be mailed to all residents of the District to request this information, which is needed to determine the number of children of preschool age and the number of students of school-age in the District. These facts assist us in planning the most efficient use of school facilities, personnel, and the routing of bus transportation. Providing information for pre-schoolers helps the district prepare for kindergarten registrations.

If you have children in your household between birth and 18 years of age, or 18-21 who have not yet graduated from high school, please provide all the information requested and return the census information by mail as soon as possible. Your cooperation will be most appreciated.  If you do not have children within these age ranges, you need NOT submit the form.