From smart phones to appliances, digital circuits are all around us. This course provides a
    foundation for students who are interested in electrical engineering, electronics, or circuit design.
    Students study topics such as combinational and sequential logic and are exposed to circuit design
    tools used in industry, including logic gates, integrated circuits, and programmable logic devices.
    Possible career opportunities consist of Digital Electronics Engineers/Technicians, ranging from
    designing and manufacturing electrical systems to installing to repairing them. Digital electronic
    engineers design an assortment of electronic equipment, such as control systems, music players and
    global positioning systems.


    Grades 11 - 12 (Honors)

    (1) Honors DDP and POE, can take POE or CIM concurrently

    (2) Enrolled or Passed level 2 Math

    (3) Permanent or probationary acceptance into the PLTW Academy



     Based on your class period use the link below to enroll in Google Classroom:


    Period 1 Digital Electronics


    Period 8 Digital Electronics




    Unit 1 Foundations in Electronics


    Unit 2 Combinational Logic


    Unit 3 Sequential Logic


    Unit 4 Controlling Real World Systems