• Lancaster Central School District has gone green with progress reports and report cards available only on the eSchool Portal websites. A Parent Portal account provides you with 'one-stop shopping' no matter how many children you have in the district or which buildings those children attend. With a Parent Portal account, you may log in at any time to view information regarding your child's schedule, grades and attendance.

    Because of the family-oriented design of the database, you will not need multiple login accounts. The computer does all the work of correctly matching you with your children. As you register your new kindergartner, their information will instantly be pushed to your portal view.

    To create a new account:

    First time users can click the Create A New Account link

    Tips for the account request page:

    ·On the account request page, type your name exactly as it appears on your child's registration information. Create a username.  Do not use your email address as your username.

    ·Only sign up for one child.  Once your account is approved, you will automatically gain access to information for all children you are linked to in the registration information.

    ·You will be able to change your password, email address, and username by clicking on the My Account tab. Each guardian is limited to one account per name/email address.

    Once you have successfully submitted your account request, district personnel will review your request. Once approved, you will receive an email containing a link to log in to your account and view your child’s information.


    Available Information:

    ·Schedules, grades 7-12–shows the classes your child was enrolled in as of the last time that schedules were printed. This report is divided by semester.

    ·Progress Report, grades 7-12–shows the most recent progress report

    ·Gradebook Information – representative sample of student's grade that will be communicated in a timely manner. (Exception - Kindergarten students may not have information available in gradebook).

    ·Report Card–shows the most recent report card
    · Attendance–shows any days in the current year where an absence was recorded for your child. An attendance note can be generated for any daily absences containing "A" making it easier for a parent to submit excuses for unexplained absences.

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Last Modified on October 18, 2019