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    NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete School of Excellence 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 
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    Fall sports on-line registration ended on May 18, 2020.  Please remember all Athletic Consent forms are due on the day of the sport specific nurse interview. 
    We will be offering a very short on-line registration in August.  Please check back for actual dates and more information.  
    Please stay safe and healthy.

     WNY Scholar Athletes 2019-20
     Collin Rice 2x Winner - Boys Indoor Track (Fall-Cross Country)
    Max Richter  Winner - Boys Ice Hockey
     Nicolas Wolcott Winner - Boys Indoor Track
    Courtney Voigt Winner - Cheerleading
    Honorable Mention: 
    Steven Blatto - Boys Track                                                                                  
    Jesse Calhoun - Boys Ice Hockey                                    
    Ethan Coxford - Boys Track                                            
    Kiernan Coyne - Boys Swimming                                    
    Gabriella Czech - Girls Track                                          
    Julia Driscoll - Cheerleading                                           
    Amanda Hagen - Grils Track                                           
    Alex Hangen - Rifle                                                        
    Hope Harrington - Girls Basketball                                   
    Stephanie Herrnreiter - Girls Basketball                            
    Lucas Jachimiak - Boys Basketball                                                                    
    Amanda Konieczny - Girls Track                                       
    Ryan Miller - Boys Ice Hockey                                          
    Collin Neidel - Boys Swimming                                         
    Janelle Pezzimenti - Girls Bowling
    Trevor Reformat - Boys Basketball 
    Madelyn Robinson - Girls Basketball
    Jared Rogalski - Boys Track
    Eric Rouin - Boys Track
    Shane Schaefer - Boys Basketball
    Madison Sebastian - Cheerleading
    Kelly Setter - Rifle
    Claudia Smistek - Girls Track
    Tyler Smith - Boys Ice Hockey
    Eric Stearns - Boys Ice Hockey
    Samantha Stoldt - Cheerleading
    Paige Szymusiak - Girls Basketball
    Kenneth Trometer - Boys Track
    Laura Walter - Girls Track
Last Modified on June 16, 2020