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Tenured Teachers Celebrated

With their four-year probationary period now behind them, 12 teachers were celebrated for being tenured at the September 12th Board of Education meeting.

“These talented individuals spent the bulk of their probationary period teaching during the ups and downs of COVID. Their resilience, perseverance, and dedication is truly astounding,” Karen Marchioli, Ed.D, Director of Elementary Education, told board members.

Marchioli presented alongside Andrew Krazmien, Director of Secondary Education, and John Armstrong, Director of Special Education. Tenure certificates were handed out by Michael Sage, President of the Board of Education, and Michael Vallely, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools.

“This is a tremendous honor and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the tenured recipients on their accomplishment this evening”, said Krazmien.

The teachers who received tenure are (pictured below left to right): Christine Kinmartin, Jessica Mokan, Samantha Poules, Eileen Voss, Cheryl Randall, Amanda Lucarelli, Jillian Dean, Danielle Grzymala, Eric Rupp, Kirsten Eurenius, Caterina Lucca, Matthew Kozlowski.

Teachers also receiving tenure but unable to attend the ceremony are Jacquelyn Galas, Elizabeth McMahon, Michelle O'Sullivan, Maya Zajdel.