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LHS Students Meet Local Entrepreneurs in Business Class

Man in suit seen speaking in between two seated students.


Business classes at Lancaster High School are giving students a chance to meet local entrepreneurs and think critically about their futures.

Students in Peter Herrscher’s classes were tasked with identifying representatives of local businesses and sending them formal letters inviting them to visit their class.

“They respond to student letters,” Mr. Herrscher said. “This is all based on students’ work.”

On November 30, students had a chance to meet with attorney William Mattar, whose motor vehicle accident-focused law firm has offices in multiple locations, including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and New York City.

Mr. Mattar used his time in the class to take student questions about his career and on topics such as running a business, marketing and looking for future opportunities.

“I love the opportunity to talk to the next generation and hear what they’re interested in and answer their questions,” Mr. Mattar said.

The visit from Mr. Mattar was spurred by an invitation from sophomore Ronan Espinosa, who thought of the attorney after seeing a TikTok video from his firm. Ronan said he was encouraged to hear about how Mr. Mattar built his staff to help his firm achieve its goals.

“You have to get people who are good in different fields so that everything goes well,” Ronan said.

Mr. Herrscher said the presentations offered learning opportunities that were different from their day-to-day curriculum. Some of the other organizations and companies that have sent representatives to visit the class are the 43North Business Plan Competition, Fowler's Chocolates and Joe Basil Chevrolet.

“They’re getting different ideas from different businesses,” Mr. Herrscher said. “Getting these learning experiences helps them think about their future plans.”


Man in suit on left speaks to students seated in classroom.