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New Erie County Department of Health School Guidance 12/11/2020


The Erie County Department of Health has updated their quarantine guidelines. The new guidance eliminates the following language:

“Any student or staff member exposed to a COVID-19 case in a standard classroom setting or in other enclosed common school settings, such as a breakroom or office, for 60 minutes or more will be instructed to quarantine in their own room with their own bathroom for 14 days from the last day of exposure to the COVID-19 case.”

This change was made based on their analysis of data which reinforces the information presented above concerning the safety of in-person/in-school instruction. 

Our mitigation strategies along with our new testing procedures in conjunction with these updated guidelines should further minimize the potential for an individual to be quarantined.

However, ECDOH’s 14-day quarantine rule for an individual coming into contact with an infected (positive) case closer than 6 feet for 10 continuous minutes or more still remains in effect.