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January 21, 2022: LCSD Test to Stay Information

Dear Lancaster Families, Faculty, & Staff:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that NYSDOH and ECDOH have adopted the Test to Stay (TTS) strategy. TTS will allow individuals in school settings identified as close contacts, who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, to attend in-person classes (instruction/academic periods), even while under mandatory quarantine orders when they test negative throughout the TTS process. 

For cases with the last day of exposure (i.e., day 0) of January 22nd and beyond, the LCSD will provide the opportunity to participate in TTS if:

  • The exposed individual remains asymptomatic.
  • The parent/guardian has given consent for the student to undergo testing.
    • TTS Consent Form can be completed now, or at the time an unvaccinated individual is determined to be a close contact.
  • The exposure occurred in the school setting.
  • The individual is tested a minimum of two times during the five-day period following exposure (day 0), unless recognition of the exposure is delayed or weekends or school breaks intervene. One of the tests must occur on day five. If day five falls on a weekend or school holiday, the test should be performed the next school day. 

Please note:

  • Testing (i.e. a rapid antigen test) will be conducted by a medical professional from Buffalo Homecare, Inc.  and, per ECDOH, must take place on school grounds (i.e., will take place at the individual’s school).
  • If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 during this process, the individual will be isolated per existing procedures and contact tracing will commence.
  • Unfortunately, at this point, both the NYSDOH and ECDOH, will not allow individuals in TTS to participate in their extracurricular activities until the 6th day after exposure.
  • Students participating in TTS are allowed to continue to ride the school bus following all existing guidance, including required masking. However, the ECDOH strongly recommends that parents/guardians provide transportation for students, if feasible.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals (including students aged 12 and up eligible for boosters, must be boostered) who remain asymptomatic may remain in school without testing if they are identified as a close contact.
  • Positive COVID-19 tests conducted outside of the school setting should be reported to the building's main office 0r school nurse as soon as possible.

Please know that LCSD nurses and administrators will help navigate the TTS process if your child is identified as a close contact. For additional details, please review the LCSD TTS protocol found on our website at If you have questions, please contact your school nurse or email

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.