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WSS Math Olympiad Keeps Going

WSS Math Olympiad Keeps Going

In a time when learning is hybrid or remote, the students in the Math Olympiad program at William Street School in the Lancaster Central School District remain committed to advancing their math skills.

The Math Olympiad is an international program dedicated to stimulating enthusiasm, fostering creativity, and strengthening intuition in mathematical problem solving. Each month, from November to March, fourth and fifth grade students selected to be on the team complete a test with five challenging, multi-step questions.

The first test this year was administered remotely to the 60 members on this year’s team.

“In November, we had just gone to all remote learning when we were supposed to have our first contest. We thought we would need to wait, but the students said they were ready,” said Michelle O’Sullivan, Math Olympiad coordinator and AIS math and reading teacher.

Mrs. O’Sullivan created a Google Classroom with activities students can practice on their own time and has scheduled monthly virtual review sessions with the team to make sure they are prepared for the upcoming contest. 

December and January’s contests have been administered in a hybrid model, with some students in the classroom and others observed online while they complete the questions.

“The students are always really excited leading up to the test and this year is no different. They are always anxious to see how they did on the tests and learn from them,” Mrs. O’Sullivan said. “One thing I think we have learned from this school year is the students are so resilient.”

After the final contest in March, the Math Olympiad organization calculates scores from all five tests and distributes awards to the top 10% of teams in the elementary division and each student who received a perfect score.

William Street Math Olympiad November-March