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AOF - Junior (2021) Orientation - Sept 25

Outline and Resources for the Class of 2021 


Personal Contact Update Form

Advisory Board Interest Form

CKSO Gift Basket Fundraiser Volunteer, Tickets or Donation Form

Code of Conduct Sign-off


General Items

  • Academy of Finance - Program Guide
  • CTE endorsement on Regents (or Advanced) diploma
  • NAFTrack, NAF Alumni network
  • Advisory Board
  • Good Neighbors Credit Union
  • SUNY: Erie Advanced Studies

Internship Program Overview

  • Purpose and Make-up of Internship
  • Internship Fair vs. Self Securing vs. Part-Time Job

What makes a Qualifying Internship

  • 120-hours paid
    • Verified by the Internship Coordinator
    • Not an internship until paperwork complete.
    • May not back date hours.
  • Required Documentation
    • Internship Agreement
    • Minimum of 120 paid hours
    • Proof of Compensation
      • Payroll or Stipend or Scholarship
    • 60-hour mid-point evaluation (paper)
    • 120-hour online supervisor evaluation


  • Where to find paperwork
  • Working Papers
  • Internship Agreement
  • 60 hour evaluation 
  • 120 hour online evaluation

Soliciting for Internships 

  • LHS AOF is not a job placement agency and does not guarantee every student will receive an internship
  • It takes the efforts of students, parents, the business advisory board and the LHS AOF to make certain all students are presented with internship opportunities. It is up to the student to qualify as many placements are competitive.