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AOF Senior (2020) Orientation - Sept 26

Outline and Resources for the Class of 2020 


Personal Contact Update Form

Advisory Board Interest Form

CKSO Gift Basket Fundraiser Volunteer, Tickets or Donation Form

Code of Conduct Sign-off


General Items

Internship Program Finalization

  • Internship Agreement
  • Internship Status
  • Assessment Status

NAFTrack Internship Credit

  • Proof of Payment
  • NAFTrack 120-hour supervisor evaluation MET
  • Submit Digital Story by Dec 13, 2019

Academy Awards 

  • Student is strongly encouraged to have their internship supervisor attend
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to attend
  • Advisory Board Members will be in attendance


  • Currently planned to be held at Lancaster Opera House.  Possible move to new Music Suite
  • Student must meet all LHSAOF graduation requirements (see description guide)
  • Students must pay for sash and diploma cover unless sufficient funds raised beforehand