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AOF COVID-19 Updates (5/20/2020)



May 20, 2020

AOF classes

No changes since 3/18

Internships - Class of 2020

Any student that had completed at least 80 hours of their internship by March 15, 2020 has been certified by NAF.  Since nearly every student in the class of 2020 had already completed their full requirement, this only applies to one or two students. 

Internships - Class of 2021:

No in-person internships are approved at this time. 

Local Restrictions

Schools within NYS are still open through remote instruction only.  Since internships are coordinated through the school, they too, are restricted to remote access only.   If you have an employer willing to provide a remote internship, please contact, or for instructions. 

 NAF Update

NAF is developing policy regarding the impact of COVID-19 on high school internships.  No policy has been confirmed.  Look for updates here regarding official policy. 

What you can do in the meantime

These are suggestions in anticipation of potential NAF modifications.  They are NOT yet approved.  

Regardless of NAF policy, items below must still follow the most current, LCSD, Erie County, NYS and CDC guidelines. 

- If you are currently employed, maintain a record of hours worked. This time may count. 

- Keep track of any volunteer hours or community service that you complete throughout the summer. Maintain documentation. 

- Seek out employers that may be willing to provide 40 or more hours of unpaid experiences

- Seek out employers that may be willing to allow for extended job-shadows (i.e. parents, close relatives)


Students enrolled in SUNY ERIE courses will receive a numerical and letter grade as earned within your advanced studies course.  These grades will be posted on your SUNY: Erie transcript.  Grades lower than 'C' will not transfer. 

For Seniors requiring transcripts.  Visit the ECC Transcript page.  


  • Final Projects
    • Final Projects have been modified. Check with individual teacher for details. 
  • Course Exams
    • NAF has temporarily waived the final course exam requirement for year-long or spring semester 2020 course.


The Lancaster High School Academy of Finance will host a virtual graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020.  All students are encouraged to watch beginning at 7pm on Friday June 5, 2020.  Look to the AOF YouTube channel for its premier. 

Class of 2021

Create your Senior Coaching Team for the 2020-21 school year.  Complete the coaching form

Please verify with your counselor that you have scheduled 

  • AOF: Financial Planning (meets alternating days for full year)
  • That you have completed (or are scheduled to complete) at least 1 full credit of AOF Electives.  See Course Guide for options. 

Class of 2022

Please verify with your counselor that you have scheduled

  • AOF: Internship & Ethics (alternating days for full year)
  • AOF: Principles of Accounting (alternating days for full year - likely opposite internship)
  • That you have completed (or are scheduled to complete) at least 1 full credit of AOF Electives.  See Course Guide for options.

Class of 2023

Plesae verify with your counselor that you have scheduled

  • AOF: Success Strategies (.5)
  • AOF: Principles of Finance (.5)
  • AOF: Financial Services (.5)
  • AOF: Microsoft Office (.5)



March 18, 2020

I strongly encourage every family to stay informed by monitoring the Lancaster Central School District’s COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Updates Page and refer to the Academy of Finance Homepage as well as Google Classroom and Remind. (Find your remind code here)


Each AOF teacher has different requirements and modes of delivery. Please check with that teacher for details.


We are awaiting updates from NAF regarding internships. Class of 2020 students are largely unaffected. Class of 2021 should check back often.

The Internship & Job Fair is scheduled for May 28, 2020. No decision regarding the internship fair has been made at this time.

  • Students with a CURRENT internship (Student worked over 60 hours):
    • A separate notice will be sent to the intern, parents and supervisor.
  • Students with a PENDING or PARTIAL internship (Student has NOT started or has fewer than 60 hours):
    • These internships are postponed until further notice. In the event you work any hours after March 18, 2020, those hours will NOT count. Pending internship agreements will not be approved.  


SUNY Erie courses are based on the completion of approved high school classes taught during the school day.  Since instruction is being maintained so are the SUNY Erie courses. 


We are awaiting any updates regarding NAFTrack certification from NAF.  As of today:

  • Final Projects
    • Each NAFTrack course requires a final project.  These projects will be modified and communicated by your NAF teacher including due dates and upload procedures.
  • Course Exams
    • Each NAFTrack course requires a final exam. As of today, the dates and times of exams has not changed.
    • To prepare for exams, students will receive a series of review materials.  
    • Class of 2020 AOF graduation is not affected by NAFTrack certification and any change in exam date will have no bearing.


Unfortunately, our annual Academy Awards program is cancelled for 2020.  The awards and scholarships will still be given and videos made available for viewing.  Nominees to be announced on Wednesday March 18th and winners chosen on April 2nd.


Coach meeting #4 scheduled for March 30-April 9 has been cancelled.  Status for the final meeting scheduled for May 4-15th will be determined upon our return to school.


Academy Graduation is scheduled for May 21, 2020 at the Lancaster Opera House.  No decision regarding graduation has been made at this time.