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9244/9344               Grades 11 & 12                  3.75 credits/yr.              Harkness    
Students in the Electronics & Computer Technology program will develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in a wide range of fields including consumer (personal computers, video gaming, radio and television), mobile (car audio & video, navigation, security), medical (biomedical, clinical), Industrial (manufacturing) and telecommunications (cellular, telephony, data). Students are immersed in a comprehensive technical and hands-on training environment where they learn about electronics by constructing real-world projects including personal computers, amplifiers, speakers, digital clocks, computer networks and robots. They also learn to use multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic probes and other test equipment to troubleshoot and repair electronic devices. In addition to electronics and computer skills, other “in demand” skills including the development of a good work ethic, time management, punctuality, interpersonal and communication skills are stressed.