Spring 2020 Season UPDATE!!

Posted by Michael Gembar on 3/19/2020

USA Clay Target Covid-19 Status Update

UPDATE – Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The USA Clay Target League thanks all of our athletes, parents, coaches, and sponsors for their patience and understanding in this unprecedented time.

The League is announcing a Modified 2020 Spring Season that will provide the most opportunity for student athletes and teams to participate. Due to the current uncertainty related to COVID-19, this Modified Season includes extended deadlines, a special registration offer, flexible score submission, and a revised refund policy. The Modified Season also includes a contingency option that can allow participation through June if needed.

The League’s Board of Directors has authorized a number of temporary changes to the League’s Policies & Procedures to facilitate the Modified Season.  These changes are outlined below and can be found in the League’s Modified Season Policies & Procedures document.

Participation decision and donation consideration.
The League pledges to support our participating schools, teams, and coaches in whatever decisions they make in regards to their participation in the Modified Season. If a team decides not to participate due to school decisions, please consider registering the team (but not conducting events) so athlete can receive the special offer and help the League offset operational expenses as it continues to grow.

The athlete and team registration deadline has been extended until Noon CT on April 13th. 
To help alleviate concerns with registration time frames and the varying situations of schools and/or teams, registration has been extended. Payments for teams that selected the team payment option for League registration fees are due April 27th.

Registered athletes receive a special offer of four issues of PullUSA Magazine and a 2020 USA Clay Target t-shirt ($40 value).
The League recognizes the difficulty and frustration this extraordinary situation has caused, and wishes to provide athletes additional value for their registration fee – regardless of whether athletes get to participate or not.

Individual Athlete Registration Payment Refunds
For athletes that have made individual registration payments of $35 to the League, the process for refunds will be released on April 1st.

Refunded athletes will not be eligible for the special registration offer that includes the USA Clay Target t-shirt and PullUSA Magazine.

Team refunds for paid League registration fees are available through the registration deadline.
Teams that do not want to participate are eligible for refunds through April 13th at Noon CT. Refunds will no longer be available after that date.  For teams that chose the athlete pay option for League registration fees, the process for refunds will be released on April 1st.

Refunds will not be eligible for the special registration offer that includes the USA Clay Target t-shirt and PullUSA Magazine.

This season will feature open score submissions after May 1.
There will not be a limitation regarding the number of weekly scores that can be shot or submitted at one time. Score submission for all weeks will be allowed May 1 through May 18 at 9 p.m. CT in the Team Management System (TMS).

Teams are expected to follow all recommendations regarding social gatherings as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A team can choose to schedule and complete their events however they wish during the competition period. All events must be completed in succession (Week 1 must be completed before Week 2, etc.). Scores can be added, corrected, and submitted for all weeks up to the season score submission deadline.

At the completion of the season, the League will calculate weekly scores and standings and release them daily in order until the final results are published. Please review the schedules below for more information.

Registered athletes that have not completed firearm safety will not be removed.
To provide a longer opportunity to athletes to complete their required League-approved firearm safety certification, athletes will remain on the team invite list in TMS until their certification information has been completed by the athlete/parent in their Athlete Management System (AMS) or by the coach in TMS.

Coaches will not be able to submit scores for any athlete that has not completed firearm safety certification, and athletes are not allowed to participate in any team event until certification is complete and their profiles have been updated.

After the safety certification information is complete, the athlete’s name will be added to the Team Roster in TMS and to the score submission page in TMS.

A final decision regarding State Tournaments and/or Championships will be made on April 27th.
The final determination of the State Tournaments and/or Championships, as well as the extension of the season, will be determined on April 27th. The League will be diligently monitoring the status of COVID-19 and working with our host ranges to develop our best course of action.

The Modified Season will start on April 14th and end May 18th, and may be extended if circumstances dictate.
Practice and Reserve Weeks have been removed from the season schedule. Any practice events are at the discretion of the teams. Reserve Week scores will not be used in any manner this season.

The League will continue to monitor the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus.  If circumstances dictate, the League will extend the season until June 24th to allow teams more time to participate and submit their scores. If circumstances require the extension of the season, State Tournaments and/or Championships will not be held.

A final determination regarding State Tournaments and/or Championships, along with the extension of the season, will be made on April 27th.  Please review the schedules below for important information.

Modified 2020 Spring Season Schedule:

April 12: Final day for refunds.
April 13: Team/student athlete registration closes at noon CT.
April 14: Season begins.
April 27: Team registration payment due if team payment was selected for athlete registration.
April 27: Season and tournament status announced.
May 1: Score submissions in TMS is available.
May 11: Conferences announced.
May 18: Season score submission deadline 9 p.m. CT.
May 20: Week 1 results published.
May 21: Week 2 results published.
May 22: Week 3 results published.
May 23: Week 4 results published.
May 24: Week 5 and final results published.

If circumstances dictate, the League will extend the regular season into June. To facilitate the extension, State Tournaments and/or Championships will no longer be held. In the event of a season extension, refer to the following dates:

June 24: Season score submission deadline 9 p.m. CT.
June 27: Week 1 results published.
June 28: Week 2 results published.
June 29: Week 3 results published.
June 30: Week 4 results published.
July 1: Week 5 and final results published.

For the most recent information regarding the League’s COVID-19 situation, visit: http://www.usaclaytarget.com/covid19/