2020 Spring Season UPDATE!

Posted by Coach Gembar on 4/3/2020

COVID-19 Status Update

Season: 5 score week shoots from May 1st to may 18th. We would be required to shoot multiple times per week/weekend. That will be the spring season.
*No State Tournament
**Nationals are postponed

Refunds start April 2nd to April 12th.
If you want a refund please fill out this form so I can get the process started. Refunds will be issues around mid may.

Now, this is what I know;
If you have not registered yet it is not too late to register, you would be eligible for Option A
Option A: If you don't ask for a refund and the season is canceled or not, the league will send you a free limited edition T-Shirt and the quarterly magazine and seniors are eligible to apply for the leagues scholarships.
Option B: If you get a refund you will not get either.

Now, my personal opinion talking to our school admin is that the school year will most likely be closed longer. Obviously no one knows for sure and for how long or it will even be extended. So, I am just sharing what I know and what I have heard so, each family can make the most informed decisions since the refund window is very short. Now, I am ready and willing to continue the season and as long as we have the minimum of 5 kids on the team and we are allowed to shoot .We are at the descression of the district or school is closed longer than our season permits.

Any questions please reach out to me and I am still hopeful we will have a season. mgembar@lancasterschools.org or REMIND

Again only fill out this form if you want a refund. We truly hope everyone is healthy and happy

USA Clay Target Refund Form